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7th Grade Science Research Paper: Home

Researching your topic

Project Due Dates

March 29…Science Research Paper is introduced.
April 2….Topic Choice Due
April 10…10 total flashcards due (flashcards must be done on NoodleTools)
April 17….20 total flashcards due
April 23….Outline Due
April 26….Introduction Paragraph Due+ 3 body paragraphs
April 30…...2-3 more body paragraphs due
May 6…...Entire rough draft due, including conclusion
May 8…...Add citations and correct formatting
May 9 …..Final paper is due

Project Requirements

  1. Your report should be 3-4 pages in length, typed and double-spaced.  
  2. You must follow MLA format.
  3. You must keep track of and include all citations in the correct format.
  4. You must use a combination of at least 5-7 different, online and/or book sources.
  5. You will be graded not only on content, but on grammar and spelling as well, so be sure to proofread carefully!
  6. You will also be graded on how well you meet all the deadlines/time management.
  7. While conducting your research, try to find a few good pictures/movie clips about your disease or organism to include when presenting to the class.


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