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7th Grade MakerSpace-Bracelets for Breast Cancer: Home

A Guide to our October 2016 Fundraising Project

7th Grade MakerSpace-Bracelets for Breast Cancer

During the month of October, we will be making bracelets to sell for Breast Cancer Awareness.  As a part of this project, we will have to 1) make bracelets, 2) decide on an organization who will receive the donation, 3) price the bracelets for profit, 4) run a sale.  This LibGuide will help to guide us through the process.  

Breast Cancer Organizations

In groups, check out the websites below for the following six organizations.  Each group will research one organization.  Use the paper MakerSpace Breast Cancer Organization Research Guide to help you find the information requested.  Each group will share information about their assigned organization.  Take notes.  At the end of class, use the link below to the Microsoft Forms to vote for the organization that you think should receive the money from our fundraiser.

After you have learned about all six organizations, it is time to vote.

Links to Paracord Bracelet Tutorials

Statistics about Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen North Jersey

We are supporting, based on your vote, the Susan G. Komen North Jersey Chapter.

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