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AISL Virtual Conference 2021


Concurrent Breakout Room Presentations - Session 1


Breakout Room 010 - Creative Collaboration

Holly Hatton, Melissa Smith & Stephen Megison - Trinity Christian Academy      

I will walk through the process of working with a teacher to transform an old lesson to an experience. We will focus on helping a teacher transform their classroom for a day in order to create an immersive experience with a purpose.  From coffee shops to jungles to space ships to a Renaissance faire, we will discuss the physical and academic resources the library can offer.

Breakout Room 011 - Meeting Students Where They Are: Tweaking the Catalog and Collection

Laura Pearle and Joanna Novick - Milton Academy

To help students find books more easily, over the past five years we have reconsidered where books should be classified, created catalog and subject heading norms, improved cataloging and seen students more easily find resources. While this may seem daunting, by taking things slowly and carefully considering which areas need the most work, even solo librarians can replicate this in their collections.

Breakout Room 012 - Y'all Means All: Promoting Social Justice in Your Library

Katie Archambault -  Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, Claire Hazzard - St. Paul Academy and Summit School, Catherine McKenzie - Santa Fe Prep, Lisa Elchuk - Crescent School, Shellagh Straughan - Trinity College School

Join this group of librarians from elementary, middle, and high schools as we discuss our favorite social justice books, web sites, documentaries, podcasts, booksellers, social media hashtags, and more. We trust that you will bring your own favorites to share as well!

Breakout Room 013 - Digital Literacy Through Digital Wellness: Collaborative Curriculum Development

Cathy Leverkus, Terri Baird, Andrea Passarella  - Willows Community School

A Dean of Social Emotional Learning, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Librarian are collaborating to build digital literacy curricula. They will introduce current digital literacy pedagogies including mindfulness and digital literacy, collaborative online digital literacy, annotated literacy, and student digital collaboration.  The presentation will comprise panelists’ tips, beginning with a mindfulness exercise, and group discussions on the application of digital literacy strategies to the curriculum.

Breakout Room 014 - How to Plan an Author Fest & Author Visits

Reba Gordon and Georgia Parker - Trinity Preparatory School

This session is perfect for anyone interested in hosting a single or multi-author event at their school. We will discuss everything from timelines, getting support from your administration, booking authors and communication, promotion and marketing, budget, and day-of procedures.

Breakout Room 015 - Librarians in the Crosswalk: Assisting White Faculty Members in Starting or Expanding DEIJ Initiatives

Christina Karvounis - The Bolles School, Ponte Vedra Beach

Librarians are thrust into many roles, DEIJ lead practitioner included. I am a white librarian serving a majority white learning community in NE Florida seeking to promote new DEIJ initiatives. This workshop will provide those whose schools are newer to DEIJ work: reflection time, examples from my practices, and resources to support white faculty members in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice efforts in collaboration and projects. There will also be opportunities to crowdsource best practices. All divisions welcome.

Breakout Room 016 - Librarians as Social Justice Allies: A Panel Discussion

Nancy Florio and Devonna Hall, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Kent School, Sarah Davis - Viewpoint School, Jennifer Millikan - St Joseph’s Academy

In this panel discussion, our presenters will explore ways they are working to create a more inclusive and equitable library—from collection development, engagement within their school community, resource curation, and personal growth as allies to support their schools’ DEIJ initiatives. Through personal stories and a Q&A format, we will share our professional and personal experiences in creating an open, affirming, and safe space reflective of all members of our community.

Breakout Room 017 - How to Read Between the Lines

Deva Walker and Candace Maiden - Laurel School 

Explore where to locate multicultural literature, discuss examples of how to use books with students to stimulate an understanding of diversity and to build an understanding of other cultures. We will have a Q & A session on how to answer uncomfortable student questions. This information is valuable to teachers that work with students as young as Preschool.

Breakout Room 018 - Copyright Issues for the Librarian on Campus and in the Online Arena 

Jan MacWatters - The Charter School   

Feel like you need to know more about copyright? What is fair use and why should we make the most of copyrighted materials as teachers/librarians. Are the rules different for the online classroom? What is the TEACH Act of 2002 and why do I need to know about it? Get the answers in this session. We'll take a look at some real life cases and discuss items that are on your mind.

Breakout Room 019 - Beyond Fake News: Teaching Media Literacy

Kate Lewellen - Webb School of Knoxville 

Our students are familiar with the concept of fake news, but can they recognize it when they see it? And what about the other pieces of media literacy, such as advertising branding and bias? In this session, I will talk about how I have been teaching media literacy and share resources that you can use in your own practice or share with teachers and students.