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AISL Virtual Conference 2021

Table Topics

Concurrent Breakout Room Table Topics- Session 3


Table Topics - These are unstructured conversations on a topic of interest. They do not have a formal leader but are guided by the participation of members. Bring your questions, suggestions, and ideas. To allow for candid conversation, these will not be recorded. Since members are only able to attend two sessions, the link to a shared document will be sent in the chat so members can make note of interesting conversations or suggestions based on the discussions in their rooms. This will allow us to continue to learn from each other after the conference.

There will be two 20 minutes sessions. The topics will stay the same in each breakout room; members will switch rooms to discuss a second area of interest. Members will select their own two breakout rooms based on their interests. 

          2:50pm-3:10pm - Table Talk 1

          3:10pm-3:30pm - Table Talk 2 


Program Management

Breakout Room A - Keeping Programming Relevant and Fun

Talk with other librarians about creative programming and ways to revitalize library offerings so options are fun, instructional, and appropriate for your community. 

Breakout Room B - What gets Taught: Books in the Curriculum

A frequent listserv topic relates to which books are taught, how they are selected, and who chooses. Talk about this process at your school and ways librarians can be involved. 

Breakout Room C - Coping with Budget Cuts 

Many schools are struggling with enrollment and may experience budget cuts next year. Commiserate with other librarians about how to prioritize and plan. 

Breakout Room D - Archivist Connection

Archivist responsibilities have been added to some job descriptions, even for librarians lacking archival training. Make connections with other librarians in similar roles. 

Breakout Room E - Strengthening Scope and Sequence

Long term scope and sequence planning can get lost under daily library management. Brainstorm how to strategically build your program and grade-level expectations.

*This breakout session will be targeted towards librarians working with different ages. Table Talk 1 (2:50-3:10) will be for K-6 librarians. Table Talk 2 (3:10-3:30) will be for 7-12 librarians. 



Breakout Room F - Flipped Instruction and the Library

Share your successes with flipped instruction and bring your questions to share ideas about how to best develop flipped lessons, deliver them, and check for understanding.

Breakout Room G - Faculty Collaborations: The Idealistic and the Real

Librarians thrive on collaboration, yet collaborations are often specific to faculty relationships. This session will provide a chance to discuss best practices and brainstorm about challenges. 

Breakout Room H - High School Research Expectations and Library Involvement

Assisting with research projects is a large part of many high school librarians' teaching. Discuss research expectations and the library's involvement in the curriculum. 

Breakout Room I - Supporting Social Justice through the School

Libraries strive to be allies to social justice throughout the school. Learn about social justice initiatives at other schools and the ways the library can support them. 

Breakout Room J - Favorite Tech Tools and Apps 

Come prepared to be inspired as participants share some of their favorite tech tools and apps and the ways they use them with their students. 

*This breakout session will be targeted towards librarians working with different ages. Table Talk 1 (2:50-3:10) will be for K-6 librarians. Table Talk 2 (3:10-3:30) will be for 7-12 librarians.* 



Breakout Room K - Building Better Book Clubs

There's no one model for what makes a good book club, yet we can all learn from each other about how we've designed clubs at our school, chosen titles and managed meetings.

Breakout Room L - Graphic Novels at School

How does your library and school use and promote graphic novels in the library and in the curriculum? Bring titles that have been popular to share with other participants. 

Breakout Room M - Developing Diverse Collections

As librarians complete diversity audits and build collections that represent all cultures, talk with other libraries who also want to broaden their library's collections to better reflect society.  

Breakout Room N - Genrefication

If you have genrefied your library or are thinking about moving to a genrefied collection, meet with other librarians who have recently made the switch or are considering it. 

Breakout Room O - Promoting Books to Non-Readers and Creating a Culture of Reading

Chat with other librarians about what we can all do to create a culture of reading and get non-readers reading. Time to think creatively to keep students turning pages. 

*This breakout session will be targeted towards librarians working with different ages. Table Talk 1 (2:50-3:10) will be for 7-12 librarians. Table Talk 2 (3:10-3:30) will be for K-6 librarians.* 


Timely Topics

Breakout Room P - Virtual Learning and Remote Connections

It can be hard to connect with students when schools are operating remotely. Meet with other librarians to brainstorm ways to get into classes, host programs, and connect with students. 

Breakout Room Q - Advocating for your Role and Your Library 

Some administrators are unfamiliar with the roles the library plays in the school, and some librarians are uncomfortable advocating for themselves. Better advocacy builds better programs. 

Breakout Room R - Teaching Information Literacy when some are resistant to “Truth”

Today's society is politically divided, and some schools have families who believe we are in a post-truth world with no objective facts. What are the most productive ways to teach information literacy in divided communities?

Breakout Room S - Rebuilding/Reclaiming the Library Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has changed our roles, turned us into virtual learning leaders, and sometimes claimed our spaces for classrooms. Join other librarians to share resources for reclaiming your library in 2021-22. 

Breakout Room T - “Librarians Through the Ages” 

Chat with other librarians at similar stages in their careers. Some KARLs will attend the first session for librarians planning to retire in the next five years, and the latter session is an opportunity for newer librarians to meet each other. 

*Table Talk 1 (2:50-3:10) will be for recently retired librarians and librarians thinking about planning for retirement in the next 5 years. Table Talk 2 (3:10-3:30) will be for librarians new to the field who want to chat with other librarians who have fewer than five years experience working in independent school libraries.*