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Gill St. Bernard's Middle School Library: Book Group Reading Suggestions

Reading Suggestions for Book Groups

Mrs. Carruthers and Mrs. Tuohy are hosting groups on the first Monday of each month beginning in November.  The 5/6 Book Group will meet in Mrs. Tuohy's classroom during lunch. The 7/8 Book Group will meet in the MS Library during lunch. Each month will have a different topic. You may come to all the meetings or read the genres you like best. We hope to see you at our meetings!!

November 4 - Historical Fiction

December 2 - Mystery/Thriller

January 6 - Fantasy

February 3 - Realistic/Modern Day Fiction

March 2 - Non-fiction

April 6 - Humor

May 4 - TBD

Mystery/Thriller Suggestions (December 2) - Coming Soon