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Human Geography: Population

Web Resources

About China’s South-North Water Transfer Project:

About Population Growth in the World: and

About the Composition of the Population of the United States:

About the Global AIDS Crisis: and

About International Population Programs:

About the Population Transition in Italy:


The AIDS Memorial Quilt:

Body Health Resources Corporation. The Body (very informative for those with AIDS)

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies:

Centers for Disease Control. National Prevention Information Network

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Discussion of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Eberstadt , Nicholas . 2002 . The Future of AIDS. Foreign Affairs (Nov./Dec.):

Fuel Cell Today. Surveys:

National Center for Health Statistics. Faststats A to Z: AIDS/HIV

Population Reference Bureau. HIV/AIDS Focus Area

United Nations. UNAIDS . Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

United Nations. UNAIDS. 2011. UNAIDS Data Tables

United Nations. UNAIDS. 2011. World AIDS Day Report

World Health Organization: (especially the fact sheet on women and HIV/AIDS)

Brinkhoff , Thomas . City Population

Census India. Census of India


Haub , Carl , and O .P. Sharma . 2011 . India Releases Latest Census Results, Showing Population Catching Up to China :

Institut national d ’études démographiques (INED—French National Institute for Demographic Studies). Population Simulator :

International Monetary Fund. 2006 . Picture This: Global Demographic Trends. Finance & Development 43(3):

National Geographic. Billion

Population Council:

Population Foundation of India and Population Reference Bureau. The Future Population of India: A Long-Range Demographic


Population Reference Bureau. World Population Data Sheet

Population Reference Bureau. Financial Incentives for Female Births and Parental Investments in Daughters: Interview with Nistha Sinha, The World Bank

Statistics Canada. Population Pyramids 1971 and

TED Conferences: Ideas Worth Spreading. Hans Rosling on Global Population Growth

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. India Becomes a Billionaire

UN Population Fund:

United Nations Statistics Division. Demographic, Social and Housing Statistics:

U.S. Census Bureau. International Data Base (

World Gazeteer: