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Human Geography: Political Geography

Web Resources

Amnesty International:

British Broadcasting Corporation News. Timeline Iraq

Brown , Nathan J . 2005. The Final Draft of the Iraqi Constitution: Analysis and Commentary . Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

Cable News Network ( War in Iraq

Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook

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Frontline (WGBH, Public Broadcasting System). 2003. The Long Road to War—Chronology

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Global Policy Forum. Iraq :

Goldberg , Jeffrey . 2008 . After Iraq. The Atlantic (January/February):

Guardian Unlimited. Special Report Oil and Petrol

History News Network. About the History of Iraq

Infoplease. Iraq Timeline


Kam , Ephraim . 2012. To Iraq and Back: The Withdrawal of the U.S. Forces. Strategic Assessment 14(4):87–101:

Kurdistan Democratic Party—Iraq:

Library of Congress, Federal Research Division. Country Studies

National Public Radio. Timeline: The U.S. and the War in Iraq

New York Times. Kosovo

Noah , Timothy . 2004 . Kurd Sellout Watch, Day 421: Should We Partition Iraq? (April 27):

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NATO's Role in Kosovo

Novak , Robert . 2003. Mission to Niger (July 14):

Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations:

Rubin , Barnett R. , and Ahmed Rashid . 2008 . From Great Game to Grand Bargain: Ending Chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Foreign Affairs (November/December):

Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren, Media Publishing Center. Kosovo: Land of the Living Past

Srpska Mreza. The Saga of Kosovo

United Nations Development Program. The Republic of Iraq

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):

United Nations, Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo:

United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM):

U.S. Department of State, Building Peace in Kosovo

U.S. Department of State, Department Organization:

U.S. Department of State, Iraq

U.S. Department of State. Kosovo Chronology

University of Texas, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. Iraq Maps

United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq. Map

United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia:

United Nations Peacekeeping:

The White House. The Agenda: Iraq

Wilson IV, Joseph C. 2003. What I Didn ’t Find in Africa (July 6):

World News Network. Iraq Daily

About Country Studies Published by the United States Library of Congress:

About the European Union:

About Nationalism:

About Political

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International Boundaries - Boundaries and Borderlands. Click on Video on Demand.

Supranationalism and the European Union - Strasbourg: Symbol of a United Europe. Click on Video on Demand Kosovo