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Human Geography: Identity

Web Resources

About the Gay and Lesbian Atlas:

About Racial and Ethnic Segregation in the United States, 1980–2000:

About the Murals in Northern Ireland:

About Ethnicity and the City:

click on Video On Demand for “Boston: Ethnic Mosaic”

About Ethnic Fragmentation in Canada:

click on Video On Demand for “Vancouver: Hong Kong East” and “Montreal: An Island of French”

About Migration and Identity:

click on Video on Demand for “A Migrant’s Heart”

BBC News. Profile: The Orange Order

Conflict Archive on the Internet: Northern Ireland

Democratic Unionists Party:

Fianna Fáil. Fianna Fáil: The Republican Party

Irish Times. Logan, John R., and Brian Stults. 2011. The Persistence of Segregation in the Metropolis: New Findings from the 2010 Census. Census Brief prepared for Project US2010

Loyalist and Orange Information Services:

Northern Ireland Office:

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. Census 2011

Sinn Féin:

Ulster Unionists Party:

University of Michigan. Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research. New Racial Segregation Measures for Large Metropolitan Areas: Analysis of the 1990–2010 Decennial Censuses

University of Ulster.

U.S. Census Bureau. Housing Patterns—Racial and Ethnic Segregation in the United States: 1980–2000