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Gill St. Bernard's Upper School Library: Virtual and Augmented Reality in Class


On this page you will find augmented and virtual reality resources for your classroom. Most of the apps are available at the App Store and on Google Play.

For more information on this topic, please visit the Digital Bodies Immersive Learning site at

What is Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR)-completely digital environment 

Augmented Reality (AR)-real world with digital information overlay 

Mixed Reality (MR)-real and virtual worlds intertwined 

Extended Reality (XR)-convergence of emerging technologies (VR, AR, MR) 

VR and AR Developments

Google Daydream-with Daydream enabled phoneuse controller, view chemical reactions 

HTC Vive-uses room scale tracking technology 

Apple's AR Kit-set up environment and walk into it while you still see the real world 

ARCore-AR at Android scale has backward capability, motion tracking, light estimation, and environmental understanding 

Mobile VR Apps

The Museum of Stolen Art for Cardboard-virtual space about missing artwork, tour exhibits to learn more about the crimes

Stanford Health Care Anatomy Tour with VR-fly through the human body!

Within-Download the app and stream "Listening to the Universe" in this VR Studio

New York Times VR-see virtual reality videos in an immersive 360 degree experience. Use with Google Cardboard or with landscape mode on your phone.

Apps by Google

Tilt Brush by Google-drawing in 3D with headset 

Google Arts and Culture-visit places and learn about events in our world 

Google Blocks-like Minecraft, can model, export, and post 

Google Poly-browse, discover, and download 3D objects  

Google Expedition kits-make a seven minute immersive learning field trip with digital objects created in Unity (game developments platform), then drop in virtual mailbox. Tablet shows what kids see in Aquila Education with Google Expedition app.

Experiential Learning

zSpace-need tablet, 3D glasses, stylus (one person controls), can do virtual dissection, make Rube Goldberg contraptions (change gravity on different planets) 

Elements 4D-see chemical reactions on iPad, element cubes with symbols and info 

Lifeliqe -VR museum for math and science, different points of entry, zooms in and out 

Labster-virtual lab simulations with different entry points (tablet, browser, VR) 

  • CSI Forensics Lab-drone tutor with text, choose your engaging experience 
  • Cell Respiration-model respirometer, use strategy to analyze data (oxygen levels of rodents) 

More VR and AR Apps

Mars Globe-take a tour of the Red Planet with a virtual map of Mars 

Nearpod VR-design thinking modules for virtual field trips 

Iris VR-VR for architecture, construction, and engineering 

Microsoft Paint 3D-create a story with 3D objects 

Thing Link-create field trip, annotate video and images to make them interactive 

Co Spaces-virtual expeditions in 3D worlds. Code and play-put scenes together to create infographics 

What Does AR Look Like?