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Gill St. Bernard's Upper School Library: Evaluate Information with SIFT

Introduction to SIFT

Evaluate Sources with SIFT

Teaching Kids Media Smarts During Breaking News | Common Sense Media

Wikipedia Beneath the Surface



Play the Fakeout Game and try to sort fact from fiction!


Overview of The SIFT Method

SIFT is an evaluation method designed by Mike Caulfield. Read more on:

Check, Please-Introducing SIFT



S - Stop...

I - Investigate the Source...

  • Just add Wikipedia
  • Is the source or organization what I thought it was?
  • Does this make it more or less trustworthy?

F - Find Better Coverage or the Original Source...

  • Look and see what other coverage is available on the same topic
  • Build your own list of trusted news sources

T - Trace Claims, Quotes, and Media Back to the Original Context...


Investigate: Did Coronavirus Come From Bats?

Did Coronavirus Come from Bats? What do you think about this source?


Investigate the Source:

What can you find out about

Find Better Coverage: 5g

5G Vaccines...

Someone forwards this fake Instagram post to you. Using any of the SIFT techniques introduced so far, verify or debunk the information. Be prepared to share your process/technique with your classmates.

Investigate the Source: Global Positive News

What do you think of this? Is this source legit?

Find Better Coverage: Tesla - Electrek

You're researching alternative energy and battery technology. What do you think about this source?

Trace Claims: Bill Gates Vaccine Problem

Bill Gates and the Vaccine Problem

This Tweet comes your way from a friend of a friend. Should you be worried about the safety of the new vaccines? Use your SIFT detective skills to figure out the misinformation technique being used. Would you retweet or post this to your stories?

Trace Claims: Guardian

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt

Your group is researching climate change for class. You come across this. What do you think?

Trace Claims: Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Could Shorten Your Life by 36 Minutes!

This drops into one of your social media feeds. What do you think? How might you trace the claim to the original source and context?

Investigate the Source: Snopes Plagiarism

Did the founder of the Snopes factchecking site commit plagiarism?

What are your thoughts on this source?


New Atlas | Arthritis

SIFTing Breaking News Isn't Always Easy...

This just dropped. How would you investigate this source?


Google Like a Pro


Special thanks to David Wee of Mid-Pacific Institute for providing SIFT content.